Hunting wabbits


Welcome to 2011, the Year of the Rabbit. For Chinese Zodiac followers, the rabbit is the fourth animal in the 12-year cycle. According to the Chinese Zodiac, it is expected to be a much needed placid year following the chaotic Year of the Tiger. It is a year to rest and recover, and is defined by good taste and refinement. It is also a year to enjoy luxuries (without becoming too indulgent) and to entertain and enjoy ourselves. Rules and laws should be more lax, and one should not have to work so hard for money. It is a year to not fuss with unpleasant realities and put off disagreeable tasks as long as possible. Then there is the whole fertility, rebirth and pregnancy connotation, but we feel uncomfortable talking about that right now. Let’s wait until Easter for that discussion.

It seems the Aztecs had it right when it came to the rabbit. In their mythology, there were four hundred rabbit gods known as Centzon Totochtin who represented fertility, parties and drunkenness. What does this all have to do with Belsito? First, he likes the concept of rabbit gods (only second to the concept of robot gods); he owns a single stuffed toy rabbit named Twinkle (that he has had from birth and will likely have until death); he likes to watch and re-watch Bugs Bunny to obsession; enjoys both the white rabbit and the march hare in Alice’s world; once owned a rabbit’s foot for which he felt both guilt (that it was not still with the original owner) and pride (for the luck he felt it brought him); he gets misty when reading or watching Watership Down; and envies the rabbit for it’s reputation as a notorious nasal breather (something he himself is not). Belsito is also a big sci-fi fan – and interestingly in Japanese and Korean mythology – rabbits are said to live on the moon where they make a popular snack out of rice (thus explaining the markings on the globe’s surface). Besides, more than half the world’s population of rabbits reside in North America and guess what? So does Belsito.

So the Year of the Rabbit seems promising and to be a much better fit for Belsito than the past several years have been. In fact, with its quiet, carefree and leisurely pace, the Year of the Rabbit should be a good year for most people, unless of course you reside on the Isle of Portland (UK). There, the rabbit is said to be so unlucky that speaking its name can upset older residents. On this Isle, the word “rabbit” is substituted with phrases like “long ears” so as not to have to utter the actual word and set about bad luck.

Despite the unlikely coincidence of Belsito’s first schoolyard fight coming about after being called “pointy ears,” all things point to 2011 being a much better year than last. Make the most of the 12 months to come and try to avoid rabbit stew if at all possible. Happy New Year! (Bugs Bunny image improperly borrowed from Warner Brothers…this is the year for rules and regulations to be lax right?)

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 by MBM Staff

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